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Choosing A Colour For A Room

Colour is very important when thinking about the interior look of your home. From sofas to your wall, colour decides the theme of your room. So, while renovating or building a new custom home, colour is one of the more important things that you will need to decide on.

Sometimes people can get confused about choosing the right colours. With so many options to choose from, it may be hard to find the perfect colour. So, if you are struggling to choose a colour or you are nervous about your choice, I have some tips for you which can help you regain your confidence. They will also help you in the selection of colours in future, for current rooms, or maybe a house extensions.

The first and most important thing you should keep in mind is that colour has 3 attributes. The first one is ‘hue’ which is the identification of a certain type of colour then there comes ‘value’ which means how dark or light the colour is and then comes ‘intensity’ which is basically the saturation of the colour.

One of the foremost things which you should keep in mind while choosing a colour is the type and shape of the space. You will have to take into consideration if the room has windows with blinds, doors, if it is oddly shaped or is a perfect square. All these things can affect how the colour will look in the room. A colour at the store may look different in that specific room due to different lighting. The quality of light and the function of the place plays the most important role. In one room the colour you chose looks exactly how you want it, but when you look at it in another room it looks totally different. That is because the lighting can make the colour look different. It is important to take the sample of the colour you want and see what it will look like in each part of the room.

Another thing to think about is what the room is Is it a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen? It is a good idea to keep this in mind during the home renovation process. Some colours may not work in smaller spaces the same as they would in a big space. Dark colours in small rooms make the room seem smaller. A man cave would also different from a woman cave or a “she shed.” So, that is important to keep in mind.

An aspect that is important to keep in mind is the effect of the colour it may have on its surroundings. If you colour a feature wall red, the colours of the other walls will play a very important role in the look of the red wall. Also keep in mind of how the colour may get reflected off your décor.

Last but not the least, ask yourself what you want. Colours are more important than you think. They play a very important role in causing you to feel relaxed in your home. Your home is your oasis. So, stop and be sure that the colours you are wanting will make you happy and peaceful.

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