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Things To Consider When Building A House

Things To Consider When Building A House

When you make the decision to have a house built it is exciting. You get to choose every detail of that home to create your own oasis. There are many different aspects that you may not have thought of yet when it comes to the different decisions that you will have to make.


From deciding on things like the colour of your shingles and siding, to choosing the style of windows and doors, may seem like a huge responsibility for some as these are the things that people will notice first about your home. These things also make an impact if later on you decide to sell your home. So, it is important to consider these things carefully. Your professional home builder will have knowledge of what is popular and if your area has specific requirements when it comes to the exterior colours and material types. For example, some areas only allow a certain brand of siding or require a percentage of the exterior to have stone work. There many also be limited colours to choose from.

Landscaping is another thing that you will need to look into. Some areas require a property to have a certain number of trees and garden area to create curb appeal. Other things like sheds, fencing and decks are important to a home. If you have kids or pets, you will for sure need a fence, a deck is great for BBQs on a summer day, and sheds are handy to store tools, bikes, lawn mowers and other seasonal things.


The interior can be more flexible in a lot of cases. Once you have chosen your floor plan it is a matter of choosing how you want your home to look. Choosing a colour scheme can be a little daunting as there are so many colours to choose from. Lighter paint colours are the best choice for the bigger areas and then choosing a bolder colour for an accent wall or things like your kitchen cabinets. You can also go for a more medium to dark colour for the flooring. Downstairs it is also a good choice to go with lighter colours to give the feeling of open space.

A kitchen is more than just plumbing and appliances. There are many different parts that need to be decided on. The cabinets (top and bottom), counter top, door handles/hardware, type of back splash (do you want tile or something else), paint colour, lighting, flooring, and even the layout.

As with the kitchen, the bathroom also has extra things to consider. What type of bathtub and bath surround are you wanting? Flooring is also important in a bathroom as you need to choose something that can handle water on it. Hardwood flooring or even laminate cannot go in a bathroom as it does not handle moisture. Tile, linoleum, or even cork are good flooring options. Of course, there is also the toilet, cabinet, sink, mirrors, paint colours, lighting and bathroom fan to also decide on.

Bedrooms are easier to choose the colours of as you are able to customize them to those who are living there. For your children’s rooms, if they are old enough, letting them help choose the colour of their room will make them feel like they are part of the process. They are also a small area, so they are a lot easier to change the colour if later on they are wanting a different colour. Then of course there is the flooring. Deciding on whether you want hardwood/laminate style of flooring or carpeting in your bedrooms is more of a personal preference.

The final little details on a home are things like the style and colour of the interior doors, door handles/hardware, light switch/plugin styles, baseboards, crown molding (if you choose), casing (which goes around doors and windows), and blinds (now is a great time to hire a professional blinds installer to get quality blinds installed). There may be other little details that you may have to decide on, but these are pretty basic for most homes that are built.

Alternately there are always plenty of beautiful homes that are already built and listed with your local realtors whether you are here in Red Deer, or across the country like the GTA Real Estate Pros. Perhaps the home you already own could simply use an update. With professional renovation experts you can get “new” in pretty much every area of your home.

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