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Chic Home Trends

There seems to be a new home design trend that has been surfacing for the last little while and wanted to explore that with you today. It is the Park Avenue home design. It is a wonderful way to decorate your home if you are wanting to go for a more whimsical layered look. Simply put it is an interior home design that lays between maximalism yet minimalistic. It seems to have everything, colour, patterns, texture yet everything is down minimally.

What things you will notice in this design is that the furniture has curved lines to give the room a more flowy feel to it. There are not any hard edges that stops the flow. The purpose is to create the feeling of movement in a whimsical way yet modern.

Picking things like lighting, you can let your imagination flow. Pick things that have curves. You are looking for things that the space flow around not stop. The great thing about designing a Red Deer custom home this way is that you can utilize modern and vintage things together.

There is a lot of things that go into this design that brings practicality, or minimalistic views. You want to create your space to be fully functional and without anything extra, like installing pocket doors to allow the space to flow instead of having space taken up by doors. Exposed hardwood lumber can also be a beautiful accent. Adding curves to the corners of walls also allows rooms to flow. Corners create an ending to a room, whereas curves soften the look.

You can use different parts of your home to bring the flair or wow factor. In the kitchen you may choose a fridge that is a different colour other than that of the normal white, black or steel. Adding bold, colourful tiles to an area that would not necessarily have tiles adds a great unique look to the kitchen. In basements exposed aggregate is also becoming popular.

Your roof can also make a statement about your home. More homeowners are now using different styles and shapes and colors of shingles. At one time brown, black and gray were the options. Now there are a plethora of options in color, shade, material, and pattern to give your place a unique look. You don’t need to settle for a plain looking roof, and most professional roofing contractors are offering these options now.

Another way that this home design is set apart is the use of wallpaper to add detail and texture to the look of a room. The use of wall paper has not been high on the list of many home owners when they think of decorating their home, but it has come a long way from what it used to be.

There are many uses for wall paper now and you can create a very dramatic look or a subtler soft look to your rooms without much effort. You can pair these walls with colourful picture frames and art to add a wow factor without the need to add a lot. Other areas that wallpaper is used is in closets to give a pop of colour when you open the door or on the backwall of cupboards in the kitchen.

The point of this design is to create a look that is clean and minimal yet does not limit the use of décor. It is knowing what elements to use to create the look you want in the right spot.

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