About Us

Our History

In September of 2015, Forefront Homes began in Red Deer, AB by Gord Smith and his wife Gail.  Gord and Gail had been living in Red Deer for 25 years and loved bringing up their family of two children, Jordyn and Acacia, in this beautiful city.

Gord had 16 years of experience in the home building industry of Central Alberta, not only as a supervisor of project managers and sales teams, but also as operations manager and in his early years, as chief financial operator. Gord’s well-rounded experience in all aspects of home building has made him capable and reliable as founder, owner and president of Forefront Homes.

Over the years Gord has established trustworthy partnerships with many local subcontractors, trades, and vendors, and is known for his integrity and his ability to connect with people on all levels.

Together with his wife Gail, who is involved in the company as office manager, they focus on not only building high standard homes, but on developing strong relationships with their team members, customers, and trade partners.  Their goal is to not just to build homes, but to build relationships by adding value to people.  Their own lives are founded and built upon biblical standards and they strive to give God the glory for the success they have been given.

In their spare time, Gord and Gail love spending time with their family, which now includes their first grandchild, Esther, daughter to Jordy and Chrissy, as well as travelling, hiking, biking and kayaking.
They currently reside in Red Deer and love calling this beautiful city their home.

Gord and Gail welcome you to experience The New Standard, Forefront Homes, where our customers are at the “forefront” of all we do!

Our Vision

Creating uniquely individual homes while building lasting relationships.

Our Mission

To exceed expectations in design and craftsmanship through innovation, hard work, integrity, and trust, and by offering the highest industry standards. And to build personal relationships by gaining our customer’s trust as we are genuinely interested in them and the pursuit of their desires, dreams and vision.

The Forefront Culture

“Do you see a man diligent and skillful (efficient and competent) in his work? He will rise and be promoted...” Proverbs 22:29

Who We Are:

We are a team.

  • We are a team of innovative building professionals and together we create exceptional homes that reflect our customer’s personal tastes, comforts and needs.
  • We are a team who builds each other up, adding value to each other, and seeing the best in one another.
  • We are team players who operate with high standards and integrity in the workplace and in our own personal lives.

We are leaders.

  • We are leaders who listen to their team members, while communicating our goals and expectations clearly, and rewarding our team appropriately.
  • We are leaders who give each team member opportunities to reach personal and professional goals.
  • We are leaders who set an excellent example of commitment to the company goals through hard work, honesty, loyalty and professionalism.
  • We are leaders who provide competent leadership whose actions are just, ethical and in adherence to our biblical principles.

We are a company.

  • We are a company who treats everyone – fellow team members, customers, trades and vendors – with respect, care, fairness, and integrity.
  • We are a company well skilled in all aspects of the build process with almost twenty years of experience at all levels – from design, preplan, construction and beyond, to the post-warranty period.
  • We are a company that creates an enjoyable work environment that is fulfilling and challenges our team members to strive for excellence.
  • We are a company that develops people – people who want to be developed. We develop the team players but deal with any not in the game.
  • We are a company that develops long-term relationships with our customers, trades and suppliers based on mutual trust and accountability.

What We Do:

  • We treat others, every customer, trade partner and vendor, as we want to be treated – with utmost respect, sincerity, honesty and courtesy.
  • We catch the heart and vision of our customer – we listen more than we speak and ensure that they are provided timely and accurate information in which they can base their decisions, as we serve them professionally.
  • We go that extra mile in both our construction projects and in customer service.
  • We build a product that is superior in design and functionality and goes beyond the standard building code practices of the industry.
  • We work with excellence, diligence, competency and skillfully.
  • We always take the high road and believe the best of every person.
  • We encourage each other in our team and “build” each other up – we have fun!

We offer a wide range of services including acreages, infill builds and renovations.

Our Differentiator:

  • Since communication is key to an ongoing customer relationship, we believe in excellence in listening, being upfront with our customers, genuinely caring about them, and communicating at each step along the way.
  • We are not just a company that builds a home, we make it our goal to also build a relationship with the homeowner.
  • We believe our customer’s home, both inside and out, should be unique and easy to manage without sacrificing style and comfort.
  • We go above and beyond and give each customer something extra they were not expecting.
  • Because we honor God in all we do, we operate with very high standards in the way we speak and present ourselves.
  • We keep learning and improving as we keep up with the current trends of the industry.